Blockset Products and Services

The Blockset platform accelerates development of digital asset products and services with enterprise-class scalability and availability. Blockset powers leading crypto applications, including the BRD wallet with over 7 million users with over $20 billion USD in assets under protection. The offerings encompass the digital asset platform, leading-edge professional services, world-class support, and an extensive ecosystem of partner integrations.


Blockset Digital Asset Platform

Enterprise-grade infrastructure-as-a-service for building digital asset products and services such as custody, wallets, exchanges, and more. Get to market faster, increase daily active users, and accelerate revenue growth.

Rapid time to market
Reduce total cost of ownership
Accelerate top line revenue growth
Create scalable solutions
Exponential MAU and DAU growth
Ensure high availability
BlockchainDB provides a simple, unified API to read and write across multiple blockchains. Simplify chain data manipulation with global scalability and real-time data, both unmatched in the industry.

Designed for high availability, speed, scalability, and insight. Using a common-object approach across all chains, with parallelized and asynchronous data bussing, we've massively reduced complexity and load even before reaching our unified API databases. Get data at lightning-fast latencies, and real-time insights and alerts on events like chain re-orgs, evicted transactions, and other unique data events that might otherwise degrade - or break - your customer's experience.

Multi-chain support
Up to 99.999% uptime
Massive scalability
High integrity data
Real-time data
Push notifications
Offer your own enterprise-grade digital wallet solution to enable your customers to easily receive, hold, and send digital assets.

Develop mobile apps rapidly with WalletKit, our SDKs for Core, Android and iOS. Core handles all cryptographic functions and blockchain communications, while the Android and iOS libraries enable rapid platform-specific development.

Accelerate time to market with our turn-key wallet solution including design, development, integrations, maintenance, and hosting. We help you get to market at hyper speed and low total cost of ownership, while ensuring your offering is highly available, scalable, and performant.

Turnkey design and development
24/7/365 support
Integrations with fiat gateways
Integrated compliance and security
Integrations with existing systems
Multi-chain support
Digital Asset Toolkits
Out-of-the-box solutions pre-integrated with key technology stacks that you need to build a full enterprise-grade digital asset business.

In close collaboration with our best-in-class technology partners, we have built state of the art building blocks with flexibility and scalability to accelerate your time to market.

Compliance and AML
Identity and Access Management
Fiat Gateways
Market Data
Professional Services
We simplify the complexity of building blockchain solutions, and navigate you through the whole process.

Building digital asset solutions and integrating with your existing applications and systems requires deep expertise and careful coordination across many moving pieces.

10+ years of expertise
Industry pioneers and thought leaders
Design, architecture, development, integration, and implementation
Bespoke ecosystem solutions with best-in-class technology partners
Hands-on labs

Digital Asset Toolkit Ecosystem

The Blockset platform is integrated with dozens of leading technology partners, providing you with out-of-the-box solutions for any digital asset offering you want to build.
Fiat On/Off-Ramps & Trading
Wyre Logo Coinify Logo Simplex Logo Coinswitch Logo Moonpay Logo Changelly Logo Bitstamp Logo
Custody & Security
Unbound Logo Fireblocks Logo SBI Wallet Logo Fidelity Logo Anchorage Logo Evernym Logo Lacero Logo
AML, Compliance, Market Data
Ciphertrace Logo Elliptic Logo Chainalysis Logo Sardine Logo Onfido Logo Coinmetrics Logo Messari Logo

Customer Success and Support

When rolling out your digital asset solution, you need peace of mind and assurance that your infrastructure won’t fail. Our customer success team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth roll out, being always available, and responding to support issues without delay.
24/7/365 support
Dedicated customer success manager
Developer resources

Why Blockset by BRD?

Etherscan API
Infura API
Multi-Chain API
Up to 99.999% Uptime
Push Notifications
Fee Estimations
24/7 Support
Enterprise-grade SLAs
Professional Services