Blockset pricing is variable based on usage. Blockset is free up to 50,000 requests and up to 1,000 webhooks.


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API Requests

$0.00 / month


$0.00 / month

Blockset Enterprise Licensing Available
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The Cost of Building Without Blockset

This tool allows you to estimate the monthly cost of building your blockchain project from scratch, without Blockset, based on number of chains, uptime requirements, feature builds, and custodial needs.

Without Blockset
Chain Storage Cost $0.00
API Server Costs $0.00
Market Data $0.00
BI/Reporting $0.00
Total Infra & Data Cost $0.00
0 Blockchain DevOps $0.00
0 Blockchain Developers $0.00
Total Staff Cost $0.00
Months to Build 0
Total Monthly Cost Without Blockset $0.00
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