We're the backbone for projects that can't fail. Harness massively scalable, second-gen infrastructure for your critical blockchain operations.

Introducing the world's most powerful multi-chain API.

Our system architecture is designed for speed, scalability, and insight. Using a common-object approach across all chains, with parallelized and asynchronous data bussing, we've massively reduced complexity and load even before reaching our unified API databases. For you, this means internet-scale data access at lightning-fast latencies, more throughput available than all of our supported chains combined, and real-time insights and alerts on events like chain re-orgs, evicted transactions, and other unique data events that might otherwise degrade - or break - your customer's experience.

Fast, Inexpensive, Flexible

Nodes are quick to write to, but notoriously slow to read from. Unlike other node hosts and block explorers that read and write directly to a single node, our system provides real-time, multi-chain read and write capabilities for all nodes by sharing a common schema across dozens of asynchonous servers. This means fast sync, up-to-the second data access, and protection from spurious on-chain events.

Hypersummed Throughput

Our system was over-engineered to provide more throughput than all of our supported chains combined. This, along with our elastic architecture, 5x over-provisioned load balancing, and inter-region failover, means that our system will always be able to provide the speed and bandwidth to handle your global userbase, no matter how large it gets.

More than Just an API...

Blockset also offers WalletKit and ChainOps. WalletKit is our open-source SDK for handling foundational cryptographic signing and seeding, as well as the framework for native mobile secure key storage. ChainOps is our premiere service for deployment, hosting, and maintaining your new blockchain - including complete integration of your data into the Blockset API - plus whatever else you might need.

  • Full history node
  • Full state snapshots
  • Key-based authentication
  • Subscription handling
  • Client-side validation
  • Multi-chain support
  • Fee and duration estimators
  • Graceful chain reorg
  • Open source under MPL 2.0

Let’s discuss how we can help your blockchain project get to market on time at a fraction of the cost.

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