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Authentication Wizard

This documentation site acts as a client to the blockset application, using a standard mnemonic-derived (BIP-39) key pair (m/1'/0). You may authenticate using a specific mnemonic code, or we'll generate one for you. JWTs generated by this website and used by this website have an expiration time of 1 day, so if you're having trouble generating your own user JWTs, you can use the ones generated below.

Client JWT

In order to create a user JWT, you must have a client JWT. Log in or sign up to get a personalized one, but you can substitute your own here:


We'll give you a brand-new mnemonic, or you can use your own (they never leave this website, but they are stored to permanently in localStorage for convenience, and we do not recommend putting mainnet mnemonics into any web page including this one).


Every client token needs a device ID. We generate a uuid for you, but you can edit it if you like.


Below is a User JWT, you can copy/paste it into our JWT Debugger to inspect it.

Log in or sign up to generate 10-year token...

The Fallback

If you're having problems authenticating, it may help to blow away all client-side state and try again.

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