The Cost of Building Without Blockset

This tool allows you to estimate the monthly cost of building your blockchain project from scratch, without Blockset, based on number of chains, uptime requirements, feature builds, and custodial needs.

What is your primary hosting region?
What level of availabiliy/uptime do you require?
Which public blockchains do you need access to?
Are you planning to build a private chain solution?
Do you need market data?
Do you need business intelligence tools or reporting?
Are you building a custodial solution?
Monthly Cost w/o Blockset
Chain Storage Cost
API Server Costs
Market Data
Total Infra & Data Cost*
0 Blockchain DevOps
0 Blockchain Developers
Total Staff Cost**
Months to Build
Total Monthly Cost
w/o Blockset

* Assumes full historic validator nodes with backups, webhooks, mempool data, real-time syncing, logging & alerting, and cached data for quick recovery

** Staffing costs assume a $155,000 annual salary for senior-level blockchain experience based on the U.S. national average from ZipRecruiter data.

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