Build enterprise-class blockchain solutions.

worrying about scale.

Blockset lets your existing engineering team rapidly build real-time, multi-chain products and services with massive scalability.

Discover how our ready-to-use, read/write blockchain tools can power sophisticated custodial solutions, build powerful market visualizers, or help creative on-chain products get to market.

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We handle your data integration, cryptographic security, and chain development ops.

BlockchainDB Your unified, read/write API.

API Webhooks Push notifications

BlockchainDB provides a simple, unified way to read and write across multiple blockchains using common objects. Experience chain data manipulation with global scalability and latencies in the milliseconds, both unmatched in the industry.

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WalletKit Your open-source, mobile SDK.

Core iOS Android

WalletKit comes ready with three libraries supporting Core, Android, and iOS. Core handles all cryptographic functions and blockchain communications, while the Android and iOS libraries enable rapid platform-specific development.

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ChainOps Your dedicated professionals.

Launch Data integration Hosting

ChainOps is our premiere service for launching your blockchain. We handle your chain's deployment, hosting, and maintenance - including complete integration of your data into the BlockchainDB API - plus anything else you might need assistance with.

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Build using the world's most powerful multi-chain API.

Our system architecture was designed for speed, scalability, and insight. Using a common-object approach across all chains, with parallelized and asynchronous data bussing, we've massively reduced complexity and load even before reaching our unified API databases. For you, this means data access at lightning-fast latencies, more throughput available than all of our supported chains combined, and real-time insights and alerts on events like chain re-orgs, evicted transactions, and other unique data events that might otherwise degrade - or break - your customer's experience.

Push Notifications & Sockets

Receive real-time information and alerts about any blockchain network. Get the latest fee rates, hash rate information, network load, and more.

Near-Instant Wallet Sync

Minimize user wait times when starting up a wallet or syncing with a chain. Sync in seconds instead of minutes, and avoid stalls and errors.

Low/No-Effort Chain Addition

Taking advantage of our generalized infrastructure, we support new blockchains quickly, so you can begin interaction as soon as possible.

  • Full history node
  • Full state snapshots
  • Key-based authentication
  • Subscription handling
  • Client-side validation
  • Multi-chain support
  • Fee and duration estimators
  • Graceful chain reorg
  • Open source under MPL 2.0

“Blockset by BRD has the potential to be a crucial part of the entire crypto ecosystem. The need for crypto development platforms for the broader financial services and banking industry is exceedingly underserved while the groundswell of demand is at an all-time high.”

Ethan Beard SVP of Xpring at Ripple

“Blockset is uniquely positioned to capture a lot of the value we’re seeing in enterprise blockchain projects. Working with Blockset has allowed SBI to accelerate the timeline of our crypto projects for a fraction of the development costs.”

Yoshitaka Kitao Representative Director, President
& CEO of SBI Holdings Inc

Examples of industries and organizations we serve.

Custodial Services

Banks, asset managers, and investment funds can now satisfy customer requests for investing and holding crypto assets in a secure and reliable way. Take advantage of WalletKit, our mobile SDK, and build a solution - based upon our cryptographic expertise - that is tailored to your needs.


Get quick and clean blockchain data with the exact status of transactions. Show how many confirmations a transaction has, or show if it is still pending in a node’s mempool. Additionally, we can consult on best practices for using multi-signature wallets which may be optimal for escrow services.

Data Analysis for Investors

Speculators and investors can gain real-time insights in which chains have more transaction volume, hash power, average transaction fees, and overall interest from the community. Using webhooks we can push virtually any desired data you may need.

Data Analysis for Compliance

Governments, private investigation companies, or technology firms looking to enter the chain analysis niche can take advantage of our offering by having it jumpstart their entire infrastructure and setup for analyzing clean, normalized blockchain data

We adopt new chains so you don't have to.

We've built a generalized data structure that allows for the rapid support of new mainnets, and are rolling out support for many popular currencies over the next few months. We'll stay on top of the industry so you can focus on developing your project.

Single Chain API
Multi-chain API
Real-time API
Push Notifications
White Label Wallet
Wallet SDK
Fee Estimations

Global chains require global reliability.

To mitigate the single-point-of-failure issue, Blockset runs multiple independent instances of BlockchainDB, distributed across the globe, each running on a mix of cloud-provided and colocated infrastructure. This allows us to gurantee 99.99% global availability.

Three Independent Replicas

Indentical instances, each capabale of full-system operation, are located in key locations around the globe, providing both optimized regional data speeds as well as fallback redundancy.

Inter-Region Failover

Each instance of BlockchainDB is built to handle the global data load. Should one, or even the highly unlikely event of two, other instances go down, the system will automatically failover to the third instance, which can carry that data load without issue.

Split-Horizon DNS

In order to maintain maximum security and privacy, all BlockchainDB API requests are routed through split-horizon DNS servers, minimizing the need for enumeration and limiting potential discovery or attack vectors.

Let’s discuss how we can help your blockchain project get to market on time at a fraction of the cost.

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